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Tim Stickelbrucks started his musical career in the 80s with a quite unusual school band project called Synplastic, surprising the Munich area with one of its first electro pop acts. Later he landed an EBM-Club smash as BODY 11, fronted the electro-punk outfit Put Me On The Guestlist, produced various commercial projects for the major label BMG including co-writing with Giorgio Moroder. In the 90s he composed under several monikers including Synon, Timstar, Clone, Schizo, Tec, Team Stereo and Formant, most of the material has not been released then. In the high time of techno his track „(I Want) More Noise“ made public as Circuit on the suck me plasma label created an unreal counterpart to the then current club sound. The same happened years later with the track „Back In Time“, originally released as ANT on Marlboro Music. In 00s most of his unreleased work of the 90s has been made public as New Formants available in all digital music services.

His first official release in 1988, the EP „MIND“ by BODY 11 has been re-released as colored vinyl LP with the title „YOUTH“ in July 2013 through the Seattle/USA based label Medical Records. More releases of BODY 11 are in the works.

3000Hz, the music production division of Neverest LA LLC, he’s been the brain behind advertising songs for brands such as BMW, Disney, Lufthansa, WMF, Red Bull, Sport Scheck, Lascana and many more.

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In the 90s Tim Stickelbrucks was also responsible as artist & repertoire manager, later as head of marketing for the release of artists such as
DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Pressure Drop, Blackalicious, Core, Sullen, Godhead, Sorry About Your Daughter, Raw Stylus, Grandmaster Flash, Latyrx, The Federation and Deep Joy on the Marlboro Music label distributed by BMG (Sony) and Edel.

In 1995 he cofounded the New York based record label und productions company Sol 3 Records with music industry legends
Scott Cohen and Richard Gottehrer, releasing various albums from artists such as Consolidated, Godhead, Iodine and Mankind Liberation Front.

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